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About Us

About Allied MCS

Welcome to Allied Medical and Consultation Services PC.  If you’re here to find a psychiatrist who genuinely cares, you have come to the right place.

Allied Medical and Consultation Services PC, works tirelessly to improve access to psychiatry by creating cooperative relationships with physicians, psychotherapists, hospitals, and insurers.

Our commitment is to make the process as seamless as possible. With one phone call, patients are scheduled for an appointment to see a psychiatrist who accepts their insurance. If you, or your doctor, decide that psychotherapy might be helpful, our office will find you a psychotherapist who accepts your insurance as payment in full (a co-payment may be required). All ages and diagnoses are welcome.

We can help.

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Dr. Amrit Pal Saini
Dr. Nazanin Ellahi
Dr. Moghees Ahmed
Dr. Hasnain Maqsood
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